Meet Our New AMA Detroit President, Danielle Cantin

Danielle Cantin, AMA Detroit President, 2017-18

Danielle CantinWhere do you work?

I currently work as Executive Director of Brand Development for FirstLight Home Care. Partnering with this company allows me to apply my years of big brand creative expertise to an industry poised for monumental growth in an area of service close to my heart: helping individuals live empowered and independent lives regardless of age, injury, impairment or disability. I also support a variety of other revolutionary clients through my agency Yes And Marketing. My role is to partner with businesses to align their actions with their deepest core values to develop differentiating creative and meaningful messages that break through the clutter and connect with the people in need of the products and services being offered. When this is done right, ROI is clear and profits follow.

Why did you join AMA Detroit?

I joined AMA Detroit to be part of a greater movement of like-minded experts in the field of marketing who want to help others, share knowledge and resources, refine their craft, and use marketing to create something even greater in and for our community.


What do you do for fun outside of AMA Detroit?

For fun, I love to talk about ideas that get people to stop, think, feel and basically solve some kind of problem in their life. I’m an entrepreneur so ‘working’ is always fun for me. I enjoy doing improv at my friend’s acting studio and spending time with my dog, friends and family – especially at my cottage on Lake Huron. You can typically find me at a conference in California with my business coach, learning new ways to help people and be an even better version of myself.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Advice I’d give my younger self… Laugh more and worry less.


Favorite marketing campaign?

My favorite advertising or marketing campaign is by Johnson & Johnson “The Campaign for Nursing’s Future”. Its simplicity and authenticity is profound.