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1. Professional Development

In today’s vital to stay current. AMA membership gives you access to dozens of relevant marketing events, workshops, seminars and more to help keep you top of your game. You’ll receive Marketing News, our biweekly magazine as well as personalized email alerts and customized website views for news on industry developments, case studies and best practices.

2. Networking Opportunities

Whether you’re looking for partnership opportunities, consulting, expanding your network or even keeping your eyes open for that next career opportunity, AMA helps you connect with the top leaders in your field.

3. Comprehensive Resources

Hone your knowledge through up-to-the minute publications, online bookstore and book reviews on a range of marketing tops as well as access to research publications.

4. Career Development

Access AMA’s marketing-specific career center on Marketingpower.com for job opportunities, career planning, resume resources, career links and more. If you’re hiring, you can use AMA resources to find your perfect candidate.

5. Professional Recognition

When you take advantage of your AMA membership to learn, grow and develop your leadership skills to full advantage, you boost your resume and gain recognition in your workplace. Partner with other local or national AMA volunteers on skill-expanding projects, get published in chapter publications or on local or AMA websites, become a Professional Certified Marketer™(PCM™), or be mentored by an experienced marketing professional. AMA membership helps you build your career and become a leader in your field.

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