Meet the 2019-2020 Board!

Get to know our President, Heather Holm

1)     What made you choose AMA over other marketing organizations in the area?

a.      AMA appealed to me, as I felt the organization fit well with my career and interests. AMA offers a lot of free resources to professionals, and even more when you become a member. The exposure to new marketing ideas, best practices and chance to connect with other marketing professionals gives me the opportunity to continue to grow personally and professionally.

2)     Since your time with AMA, what would you say you have grown to love the most about being a part of this organization?

a.      The community! It’s been amazing meeting new people at our events. I’ve met marketers from all over the spectrum, each with a unique perspective and background. Sharing ideas and learning how different industries and organizations approach marketing is fascinating.

b.      In addition, joining the board was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I’ve made some great friendships working alongside a group of extraordinarily dedicated volunteers, who really care about working to further develop the local marketing community.

3)     Have you found that belonging to AMA has helped further your career professionally?

a.      Yes, I am constantly learning and growing. Between the professional development opportunities, our local chapter and the national chapter provides and the opportunity to continue building my network, I’m learning something new every day and working to perfect my craft.

4)     Do you ever use any of the networking connections you’ve developed through AMA in your professional career?

a.      Yes, I have built a lot of relationships with other AMA members over the years. Developing a good network really does make all the difference. Whenever I come across a new challenge or need to bounce ideas off of someone, I know I have a number of friends and experts I can call anytime.

5)     When you aren’t at work or volunteering what would you say is your favorite way to rewind and relax?

a.      Outside of work and volunteering, I spend a lot of time staying active and traveling. In the summer, I can guarantee I’m somewhere near the water, boating, paddleboarding, paddling, swimming, at the beach, etc. I also take a lot of weekend trips up north or across the U.S…. with what time I have available.